SQDAthletica is an athletic wear brand for men.

Born out of a need to get men more active and invested in their health, we design functional clothing and accessories that help guys perform at their best.

We believe in being Fit for Life. Staying active to do everything you love most in life. It ain’t easy we know! Family, work, friends and everything in between. Even a few cheeky beers with the boys is ok… It's all about balance.

By the way it's SQUAD, not squid… SQD is just another word for a crew, a brotherhood, a bunch of mates that have got your back. That’s us!


Quality over quantity. We do not subscribe to the fast fashion movement. Our designs are simple, timeless and functional. We know you will love SQD gear and if you look after it, SQD gear will love you right back. Our products are built to last and we put a huge focus on fabrics and the way they fit. These details matter to us here at SQD, it’s all about the details.

We take time to source our own fabrics from all over the world. Working with global partners Polygiene® we are developing better more sustainable ways to help you stay active in everyday life.


A couple of months ago the impacts of COVID-19 sent us into hibernation, which meant we had to makes some changes at SQDAthletica. This resulted in the unfortunate closure of our retail stores, ceasing our wholesale partnerships and the restructuring of our online business (including a forced change in our distribution partner also due to COVID-19 impacts). It's been a tough time not just for us but for many.

The good news is with some streamlining and restructure we're able to reopen our online store with all the great quality products and service you have come to expect from the SQD brand including:

  • FREE returns and exchanges
  • FREE shipping for orders over $50
  • Same great quality products (and even some new ones to come)
  • Great service
  • Exclusive database offers

Being FIT FOR LIFE is about finding the right balancein your life, being able to overcome adversary and change and to find your own FIT FOR.... At SQD we are here to continue to support men in both their physical and mental health so lets get back to it and don't know about you but a few quiet ones would be nice also.