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Things can get hectic.  Pressure. Choices. Commitments. Life.  A world that turns with unexpected twists that test our very being.  Wait.  That sounded really heavy and serious.  Sorry about that.  For all of the questions, hurdles and challenges, we all have a choice to keep moving forward.  Sometimes it's small steps.  In others, we make giant leaps in positivity, progress and performance.

We stay true to the things that make us feel good.  The things that can only be expressed in smiles.  Things that stoke our spirit.  Catch our breath.  Take us places.  Those radical things that make us feel 'victorious'
If you believe that these positive moments make life worth living then you already know that things go better when you're having fun.  If you can live in the moment you realise that the ten second ride , early morning run, beer with your mates or weekly ballgame can get you through the next six months.  We create, live rage and ride these moments.  They put a smile on your melon and light a fire for more. To push further, find whats next, what's you.  The next opportunity that we all get every new day.

Feeling better.  Finding your style.  Changing stuff.  Saying yes.  Simple concepts that we think are key.  As a brand we're all about balance.  We're creating, making, doing and motivated by a compelling sense of duty to make a Man's life better.  We're for men achieving that better balance by sharing real world stories, creating considered apparel and curating complimentary products that we believe go some of the way to inspiring and achieving a better you.

SQDAthletica is all about getting after those moments.  Making things happen to push beyond where you are right now.  Believing in brotherhood, blood, sweat and beers.  Looking forward and being better.  Celebrating small wins.  Felling victorious and sharing the sweet taste of being prepared to roll with those unexpected twists of our ever turning world.


Good Times Ahead

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