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Fit Sessions, but not as you know them.

Featuring Ben Day

Co- Director of Acai Brothers

All round good guy & one of the SQD Crew

Instagram: @ben_acaibrothers


Shoutout to Function Well for letting us use their top class facilities.
Instagram: @functionwell


Men don't need lectures, just a few pointers. SQDAthletica is all for men achieving that better balance by sharing real world stories, creating considered apparel and curating complimentary products that we believe will go some of the way to inspiring and achieving that better 'you'. So to keep you stoked on getting out there and getting active in 2017, we have put together a series of Fit for Life Sessions. These sessions will allow you to do some simple exercises with whatever you have around the place. It's time to put the good times back into your routine.


If that was a little fast for you don't worry, we have all the instructions listed below. 

Skater Jumps

Cardio Warm Up
Reps: 10
Sets: 4
Breaks: 1 minute between sets

Start off with some skater jumps. It is always important to start your session with some cardio to warm up your muscles and get the blood flowing before subjecting them to a full workout. Skater jumps are pretty simple. Basically you just want to jump laterally using each leg independantly to launch yourself side to side. The idea here is to get the heart rate up and engage some of your key muscle groups in preparation for your session.

  1. Keep weight centred over knee on landing
  2. Counter balance using opposite arm
  3. Land softly with knee bent

Front Squats 


Now that you are nice and warm it's time to work your largest muscle groups, the legs and glutes. Contrary to popular belief chicks do dig legs, so make sure you give your lower half the attention it deserves. This is a simple exercise you can do at home with whatever you have around. No animals were harmed during the filming of this video.

Muscle groups: quads and glutes
Reps: 10
Sets: 4
Breaks: 1:00 between each set

SQD Tips:
  1. Keep your back straight
  2. Squat straight down with weight on quads
  3. Hinge backward with hips

Incline Push Ups

Everyone's favourite muscle group to work on, the chest. This exercise is a simple variation of the push up that helps you to target the top half of your pectoral muscles. Another easy one you can do at home on a seat or a bench or even on the coffee table. Keeping variety in your routine while working on particular muscle groups ensures your muscles continue to benefit.

Muscle groups: Chest
Reps: 10
Sets: 4
Breaks: 1:00 between each set

SQD Tips:

  1. Shoulders over hands
  2. Brace with your core
  3. Touch chest to box

Overhead Ball Throw

This exercise really helps you work on building your shoulder strength and the muscles around the shoulder. It will really help with stability and lateral strength. The idea here is ensure you extend your arms fully when lifting the ball above your head. This will ensure you engage your shoulder muscles on the way down. It will also engage your back muscles giving you a more rounded workout. Make sure you keep your back straight and scoop the ball in squat position to avoid injury.

Muscle group: Shoulders/Back
Reps: 10
Sets: 4
Breaks: 1:00 between each set

SQD Tips: 

  1. Full arms extension above head
  2. Engage core whilst driving ball to ground
  3. Keep back straight while picking ball up

Russian twists

This exercise is perfect for toning up your core as well as your obliques. It's a really good all rounder and keeps your muscles engaged during the full duration. You can do this exercise with whatever you have around the place. The havier you go wieght wise, the more strain it puts on your core. Start at a lower weight bracket and move up as it starts to become easier. Ensure you are twisting with your entire torso to get the most out of this one.

Muscle Group: Abs/Obliques
Reps: 10
Sets: 4
Breaks: 1:00 between each set

SQD Tips: 

  1. Set up with weight centred
  2. Ensure legs are raised throughout
  3. Twist with entire upper body

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