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Gifts for your guy that keep on giving!
You’re the real gift that keeps on giving, but it’s probably nice to give him a little something extra on special occasions too. Just for tradition’s sake. We’ve got the perfect gifts that go hand-in-hand with his active lifestyle.

Native Union Cable
Native Union Cable
Guys dig practicality, and nothing says practicality more than the Native Union charging cable. This 2-in-1, heavy duty charging cable allows him to charge all his Micro-USB and Apple Lightning devices in the blink of an eye! The belt cable has a twin head that can be conveniently interchanged to configure with all his mobile devices.
If you’re lucky, he might let you borrow it!

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Brutal Truth Moisturiser
Brutal Truth Moisturiser 
Truth be told, most men need a woman to tell them to moisturise. For you it’s easy. All you’ve got to do is give him some Brutal Truth…as a gift. As he opens the lid of this men’s face cream, your job is done. The confused, screwed up look on his face will be wiped clean with scents of sandalwood, vetiver root oil, and patchouli. He takes a whiff, closes his eyes, and everyone is instantly in love.

Brutal Truth moisturiser combines Australian native plants including Kakadu, plum, and old man weed. We’ve added a fruity feel by tossing in some mango seed butter, quinoa extract, sweet almond, macadamia nut, avocado, and tamanu. His skin will feel fresh, and you won’t be able to keep your hands off him!

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Bookman Cup Holder
Bookman Cup Holder
This is one of those gifts that works to your advantage too. Need a way to get him out of bed on the weekend for the early morning ride to the markets? The fragrant aroma of coffee will surely be enough to get him moving. You got him the espresso machine last year, so why not get the Bookman Bike Cup Holder to go with it!

It’s a unique cup holder with a chrome or copper coating. The cup holder can be easily attached to his bicycle with the clever, spring steel construction. The spring opens by pressing the rings together, and it can then be attached to the handlebars where it sits firmly, regardless of the terrain. The Bookman is a versatile number and you can adjust the rings to suit the cup size. You can also add a silicone bottle basket to carry cans or bottles.  
Make his daily commute that little bit better!

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Bellroy All Conditions Essential Pocket Wallet
Bellroy All Conditions Essential Pocket Wallet
So, he needs a wallet, needs to get a little more organised, and needs someone to get him into gear. You want to be the giver of all things great here, but you also don’t want him to think you’re giving him a man purse. We’ve got the solution!

The Bellroy All Conditions Wallet is practical and resembles an everyday wallet. That is until you unzip it and catch a glimpse of what’s inside. It has the essential features of a wallet including card slots (4-12+), and 5 internal pockets for coins, cash, and keys. Its 184mm x 120mm in size, which means he can fit his iPhone (up to 6s Plus) and passport inside.

Choose from water-resistant, all-conditions leather or woven with leather edging. Both feature a YKK water-resistant zip, so the important stuff is safe and sound. Most importantly, it’s backed by Bellroy’s 3-year warranty.
The Bellroy men’s wallet is perfect for travel, as an everyday organiser, or for busy guys who are constantly on the go!

Getting him the perfect gift is as simple as that! Don’t worry, you don’t need to tell him we told you what to buy… just let him think you came up with all the great ideas, we got your back!
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Stuck on what to get him? We have your gift guide sorted. Everything fitness & accessory related - from moisturisers to cycling cup holders. Go ahead, take a look!
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