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Shorts Guide – Keepin’ it Breezy
What if life was easy, a little bit breezy, and you didn’t have to worry about looking or feeling good because it just came naturally. These dreams can become a reality in the blink of an eye, with a single pair of shorts. 
Freedom Short 9

Freedom Sport Short 9
What if you had the power to be as free as a bird, without actually having to be a bird?

The Freedom Sport Short 9  will give your legs a new lease on life, and the ability to move like never before.
The lightweight, water-resistant fabric wicks away moisture to keep you dry during high intensity workouts. While all direction flexibility allows for movement without any restrictions. We dare you try and do the splits in these bad boys. The adjustable reflective draw cord allows you to find the ultimate comfort depending on what your day has in store.

The laser cut ventilation side panels assist with airflow, giving your body the ability to cool down when it needs to most. The perforated gusset panel at the crotch provides essential breathability and movement, and removes any feelings of restriction. Whether you’re in the gym, out for a run or a casual stroll, let your energy flow without having to battle the elements. 

We wouldn’t dare let you leave the nest without the essential combination of fashion and function. While there’s no time for standing around with your hands in your pockets, we’ve designed our men’s sports shorts with mesh lined side pockets featuring welded strengthening tacks for added security. There’s a secure back zip pocket and an internal flex key/card stash pocket so you can carry all your essentials with ease.

To top off the greatness, we’ve added our signature heat welded flag and word logo.

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Expedition Short 20
Expedition Short 20
Looking for something lightweight with enough structure to have you feeling secure? The Expedition Short 20 is constructed with lightweight and water resistant flex fabric to provide functional mobility. The crotch of these shorts isn’t just like a regular crotch; it’s a cool crotch. It features an all direction, flex fabric gusset panel to provide essential breathability and movement. Keeping cool when things heat up is effortless.

With so much freedom to move, it’s hard to imagine getting around in the Expedition Short without them flying right off. The manufacturing techniques used to construct these shorts provides unparalleled strength. The heat-welded bartacks ensure the joining points of the fabric are sealed with strength and precision, boasting a clean-cut finish. These quality shorts are the best way to relinquish fears of awkward rips, splits, and tears while working out. The elastic waistband also means you can throw these guys on in a matter of seconds, then adjust the fit with the internal draw cord that’s secured with embossed logo snaps at the closure.

Secure your essentials in the back zipped pockets, the side stash pockets, or the internal Lycra key/card stash pocket. The pockets feature a welded zip with a reflective puller for easy access. Whipping your cash out to buy a post-workout beer has never been simpler. Wait… we meant wheatgrass smoothie of course…

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Habitat Short 9
Habitat Crossfit Short 9
The Habitat Crossfit Short 9 has the ability to adapt to any surroundings, situations, and circumstances you find yourself in. Ok, so they’re not transformers and they won’t take you from the surf to a Saturday night on the town, but they’ll get you through til Saturday afternoon with no worries.

What they do have is specialised fabric to keep you comfortable and moving for your entire fitness journey through life. The lightweight and water resistant fabric promotes all direction flexibility and allows movement without restriction. The flex, no-fly construction gives structure to the lightweight fabric, while the V-shaped hem assists with airflow and movement. The perforated gusset panel at the crotch provides essential breathability and movement, while the laser cut ventilation side panels will keep the breeze flowing through.

Take a step back to the whole adaptability thing we spoke of earlier, and let us hit you with some knowledge. If your heart desired, you could end your morning run by sprinting straight into the ocean, diving onto a surfboard, and paddling straight into the green room. The technical fabric used to construct the Habitat Short is ideal for surfing, and the added features have been designed to offer ultimate comfort and movement, whether you’re in the surf, on the streets, or at the gym. The elastic insert at the back waistband ensures a comfortable fit, while the drawstring allows you to adjust the fit to your liking. We’ve added heat-welded eyelets for strength and durability.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get more comfortable, it turns out they can. The heat-welded taped seams reduce the need to sew the fabric, which creates a smoother and flatter surface. You know what that means? Less friction, less rubbing, and less abrasions. It’s better than surfing nude, more fashionable, and far less controversial.

Don’t be forced to get active empty handed. The back pocket has a bonded pocket bag that is positioned vertically on the back leg for minimal contact on the body, making it feel like you’re carrying nothing at all. Alternatively, toss your essentials into the internal flex key/card stash pocket to keep them even more secure. 
If there’s one pair of shorts that’ll see you through every aspect of your active lifestyle, it’s these.

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Freedom Sports Shorts 6

Freeway Athletic Short 6
Our Freeway Athletic Short 6 shows up, gives 110 percent, and seriously enhances your athletic performance.
Built with lightweight and water-resistant fabric, these men’s athletic shorts offer all-direction flexibility for free movement and no restrictions. Stay cool and dry with laser cut ventilation side panels, and a V-shaped hem that stimulates airflow. The perforated gusset panel at the crotch provides essential breathability and movement, while the internal, Lycra compression liner adds stability and comfort. The comfort factor is taken one step further with the elastic waistband and internal draw cord.

The heat-welded taped seams boost the lightweight nature of the Freeway Athletic Short. Not only does this design technique reduce the need to fold and sew the fabric, but it also creates a flat surface that is renowned for its pleasant interactions with our skin. By joining the fabric with welded bartacks, as opposed to stitching, we’ve established strength and support in the areas where pressure is applied during movement. The all important, final touches are given with a heat welded flag and word logo.

The freedom to get active in these running shorts is made even sweeter with their ability to provide fashion and function. Store your essentials in the Internal Flex key/card stash pocket, or the back hip pocket that features a bonded bag and reflective tape for visibility.

Reward yourself for your hard work and live an active lifestyle in quality and comfort with men’s sports shorts like no others.

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Spent too long looking for shorts? Check out our handy guide on what men’s sports shorts to buy to suit your lifestyle. Go on, do it.
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