Every time you shop at a SQDAthletica store or online from our website we will donate $1 from your transaction to Gotcha4Life*

Who is Gotcha4Life?

Gotcha4Life was established to reverse the tide of declining mental health and to reduce suicide in men and boys. They do this by promoting healthy masculinity and building mental fitness.

We believe in the concept of healthy masculinity, giving men and boys the tools to start meaningful conversations by developing better social and emotional connections with their mates, families and community. By developing the social and emotional muscle, our own mental fitness, we can build the resilience required to better deal with the challenges that life throws at us.

A big part of the Gotcha4Life message is about men having at least one friend in their life that they can open up to about anything, especially when they are not okay, their Gotcha4Life mate.

Why this cause?

Every day in Australia, 6 males between the ages of 14-44 take their own lives. Male suicides account for three quarters of all suicides in Australia.

SQDAthletica was born out of a need to get men more active and invested in their health. We believe in the power of physical fitness to maintain a healthy state of mind, but we know there is more to it than this. As a men’s only brand we want our brand to represent everything it means to be a healthy and happy man in this day and age. Mental health has always been something close to our hearts and we are excited to partner with Gotcha4Life to start making meaningful steps towards improving the state of men’s mental health in Australia.

A word from Gotcha4Life CEO, Tim Hodgson here:https://blog.sqdathletica.com/home/a-word-from-gotcha4life-ceo-tim-hodgson/

Want to learn more about the Gotcha4Life cause? Check out their website and donate directly here: https://www.gotcha4life.org/

*Donations are collated and paid monthly. We will donate for any purchase made in a SQDAthletica owned retail store or from our online store (www.sqdathletica.com).