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Don’t stop, stay active, and the rest of that cliche crap — it’s all true. These are the things that I try to take with me each time I travel. 

Exercise Ball

Well,I don’t take the ball everywhere (or anywhere really... it’s too heavy), but I use it a lot when I’m home. 


Running Shoes

This is easy, just go run. Lace them up, and run. Your call how far, how fast, but overall, make yourself sweat and out of breath.


Skipping Rope 

I love this because it’s quick and super effective. Two minutes at moderate pace, one minute as fast as you can. Repeat four times.


Spiky Ball

Man, this is epic for the shoulders and back of the neck. It gets right in there and rolls out any knots or areas of discomfort.



The brilliant thing about my roller is it’s hollow, so traveling with it is great - stuff clothes into it! Get to the hotel room and roll ya rig out. 


So what’s the point here? Don’t stop moving… stay active and all that cliche crap - it’s all true!!! Move!
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