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 Stairway to Balance
The Yin and the Yang — we need to embrace our dark and light side. Contrary forces interconnect to do great things.
This run helps to maintain the guilt free burgers and the sloth Sundays. Reward for effort, whichever way. Chase that balance.

Warm Up

Start with a 5 minute jog. Then a routine of active stretches:
  • Active Hip Flexor (a)
  • Windmills (b)
  • Leg Swings (c)
  • Calf Pumps (d)
  • High Knee Jog 10m x 3. Butt Kick Jog 10m x 3, Sumo Squats (f)
  • 10 Lunges (e)

Figure 8s 

  • Run up with quick feet
  • Jog across & walk down
  • Repeat cycle x 2.


  • Quick feet up/walk down (a)
  • Alternating Lunge walk ups/walk down (b)
  • Quick feet miss-a-step ups (run)/downs (walk). Just keep alternating this cycle (c)

Cool Down

  • Stretch all major muscles. 
  • 5 min walk cool down. 
  • Frosty beer afterwards, reward for effort. 
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