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Running in the Rain – The Lowdown
With summer fast approaching, there are two things that are inevitably going to happen:

1. There will be thunderstorms

2. You will leave it to the last minute to get your rig sorted for those upcoming days at the beach
In order to work on 2., going for a run is a no-brainer — you can go any time, clear your head, and earn those weekend beers after just 30 minutes. Thunderstorms = lots of rain. Running and rain aren’t usually a good combination… unless you are prepared to brave the elements and have the rain running gear to match.


First things first: running in heavy rain is good. Running in a light drizzle is good. Running during a category 3 tropical cyclone or severe lightning storm is not good. Don’t be a dickhead, and you will go on to do great things in life.

With that out of the way, here are 5 tips on getting the most out of a rain run.

1. Wear a cap

It seems a bit counterintuitive to wear a cap when the sun isn’t shining, but keeping raindrops out of your eyes is probably the most important comfort consideration when going out for a wet weather run. Something breathable and fast-drying should be your number one choice to keep your face dry without adding any additional weight once you’ve been out running in a downpour.


2. Tight clothing is your friend

Multiple layers of loose clothing will become heavy, irritating, and miserable if they get wet. Stick to thinner, lightweight fabrics that hug your body to reduce weight and friction when running in the rain. SQD’s Apex Tee not only keeps the weight down, but is made from a light-refracting fabric that provides better visibility in overcast weather – an ideal feature when running in less-than-ideal conditions.


3. Wear a rain-resistant running jacket

Ok. This one is fairly obvious. But there are a bunch of sub-par jackets out there that are either waterproof but not made for running; or are made for running but aren’t waterproof. Choosing a ventilated, waterproof rain running jacket is essential when rain running at night, given that water disperses heat a lot faster than air. Choosing to on a night rain run in just a tee will leave you colder than your ex’s heart (even during summer months), so make sure you choose an appropriate outer layer to keep comfortable in all conditions.


4. Protect your Electronics

Running without music is like a meat pie without sauce — it’s gross. Make sure you protect your phone or iPod (does anyone still use one of those?) from moisture by stashing it in a pair of water resistant running shorts. SQD’s Freedom Athletic shorts not only keep water out, but are made from a flexible fabric that won’t restrict movement and contain a compression liner to stop irritation (they also go pretty well in the dry, too!).


5. Remember to stay hydrated

“Water? Mate I’m running in it!” It’s easy to think that running in the rain = no need for hydration, but you are wrong. Treat a rain run like any other run, and take a lightweight, leak-proof water bottle with you. It would be pretty embarrassing to suffer from dehydration while you’re out getting drenched…. Once you’ve got your wet weather running gear sorted, it’s important to remember to strip it all off once you’ve finished your run to prevent irritation. Ideally, do this at home and not at a café when you stop for a post-run coffee & muffin.

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