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'6 a side' Soccer in Mullumbimby

'6 a side' Soccer in Mullumbimby

This competition is a grass roots as it gets, played on the rugby league field slash golf course slash camping ground, under the beautiful mount Chingogan at Mullumbimby.
I'm halfway through my second season of '6 a side' Soccer and I'm absolutely loving my time on the field. Six players on each team, including the goalkeeper, this form of the game is basically half normal soccer. Half field, half size goals, and often half the skill, but that's not to say half the fun!

My mate Xavier and I put the team together so we got to name it; The Green Reapers. We like green and we intend to kill our opposition (metaphorically speaking)! Obviously our colours are Green with a splash of black and white. My other mate Brodie drew up a team logo and we got a full custom jersey made! I wear it with pride.

This competition is a grass roots as it gets, played on the rugby league field slash golf course slash camping ground, under the beautiful mount Chingogan at Mullumbimby. Games kick off at either 6pm or 6:45pm so you're probably in for a hot one if you're scheduled early or the later game is usually a bit cooler and can sometimes have an evening thunderstorm roll through.

Because most of the team are has-been's, our biggest challenge is making it through the season. With our strongest side on the field and a sideline full of hungry substitutes we could challenge any team in the comp, but more often than not it's 6 of us barely fielding a team and battling to the death against younger and fitter opponents.

Our record is 4 - 2 - 5 which has us about mid table. The wins were gutsy, the draws nail biters and the losses all valiant efforts against better structured opponents. It's a great league and the competition is healthy. I've scored one goal so far for my personal tally but it was a full field cracker, dribbling around the last line of defence from my own half, late in the game, and blasting past the keeper to seal a good win. I'll remember that for a while.

Getting back into playing football myself has also given me a deeper appreciation for the professional footballers. Running yourself ragged week after week and dealing with every conceivable ache and pain, it's must be magnified at the highest level. I don't envy getting belted or made to look foolish by pros but I wouldn't mind access to their recovery technology and training facilities.

After the Christmas/NY break we have another couple of games and then the finals. We were eliminated in the first round last year so we defiantly want to improve on that and who knows, could there be another magnificent sporting story in the making. I know I'm looking forward to some rematches against to teams we lost to. That's one of the beautiful things about football, there's always another game!
Harry Henderson
Harry Henderson
Harry is one lucky boy! Gifted with aquatic genes from his Olympic Swimming Grandmother, his athletic ability is only surpassed by his penchant for taking it easy. He was fortunate enough to grow up on the beaches of the Gold Coast and was taught to read the ocean by his father, an early Indonesian surf pioneer. Sport is a way of life in Harry's family with particular favourites including Rugby League and Football (Soccer). Degrees in Law and Sports Management have allowed Harry to articulate his passion and interest for sports and has led him down the path of Surfboard and Surf Film production.
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