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Lee Carseldine – 10 Things to Take on a Hike.
Get the low down on what ambassador, Lee Carseldine takes with him when he ventures into the great outdoors.

1. Water, water, water. Make sure to carry a water bottle which carries enough to get you through the whole day. 

2. Freedom Shorts. Can’t speak more highly of these shorts for a trekking option. 

3. Cap, sunnies and sunscreen. No explanation necessary. Dehydration and getting burnt can turn an amazing trek into a horror one. 

4. GPS watch. Always good to know where you are at any time and also a good summary to show the awesome trek that you completed. 

5. Salomon boots. Seriously the best hiking shoes on the market. They’ll make your trek safer and more comfortable.

6. First Aid Kit. 99% chance you won’t need it but just like with an American Express card...don’t leave home without it. 

7. DSLR Camera. We always take a light and versatile portable DSLR (Panasonic GH5 12-60mm lens) to capture the moment and get that epic landscape shot to give the people who cancelled on you massive FOMO! 

8. Drone. Owning a commercial drone company, I am always on the lookout to take that drone shot that has never been taken before. These days there are so many small versatile drones that are light to carry and also take epic images. I highly recommend DJI Mavic Pro or Mavic Air. 

9. Backpack. Numbers 1-8 above can add up in weight so it’s important to have a comfortable backpack for your trek. I’ve used the SQD Baxter Commuter Backpack all over the world and it has never let me down. 

10. Company. Just as important as all of the rest, this can make or break the experience. Spend time with people who interest you and that you want to get to know more. Great company = Great times.

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