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How I turned keeping fit into a successful business

How I turned keeping fit into a successful business

It’s hard living your life as an entrepreneur, always looking for the next great business idea - there are so
many great ideas out there.
Exercise has been a big part of my journey and it continues to challenge me mentally and physically. There's no greater way to drop the stress of my day than thrashing out a boxing session, going for a run or throwing some tin around.

Without making time for some form of physical exercise I get tired, lethargic and have a huge lack of energy. This is a downward spiral which leads to stress, anxiety and self doubt, all things that you can't afford to have kicking around when your trying to lead a team.

It's not always easy to prioritise your fitness, but it's always something that you’ll never regret, that feeling of achieving something every day, little wins I guess you could say, it all helps make you the best human you can be.
With more than five years’ experience in creating and running successful businesses and a passion for trending markets, I began working on turning my passion for keeping fit and healthy into a business, specifically focusing on spreading the concept of 'floating/wellness' to the wider community.

City Cave Wellness Centres have been operating under myself and my business partner, Jeremy Hassell's expertise since August 2015 with a view to growing our franchise system, helping to meet the demand for greater access to innovative health facilities that cater to a pleasant experience when it comes to all-round wellness.

After deciding to franchise our Wellness Centre model and setting a goal of signing four franchisees in 2018, we have been blown away by the volume of enquiries that came flooding in. We are happy to say this year’s goal has been achieved within four months. Now we can focus on our next six locations dropping in 2019 and eight in 2020. The sky's the limit.

Timothy Butters is the co-founder of City Cave Wellness Centre in Brisbane. 
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