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Why exercise is my escape
Everyone needs an escape - something to help them seek distraction and relief from certain realities. For me, my escape is exercise. 
As a business owner, what most people don't realise is that owning a business is making a decision that you are now second in your life. All that space that was left in your brain when you would usually clock off from work is now filled with overwhelming thoughts of what more you can do for your business. It is constant, it is challenging, it gives you anxiety at times but it also gives you an ability to be incredibly resourceful and creative. I think I speak for every entrepreneur when I say I wouldn't have it any other way.

But still, how do we find balance to ultimately remained focused? The answer comes down to finding a healthy escape. 

Having been in business for some years now and had success in multiple different industries I’ve tried all versions of escapism. Starting with the unhealthiest ones, learning from them and slowly moving my way through to find what actually enhances all areas of my world.

For me, exercise gave me the best path to success.
The gym for me is a place where all the noise stops and I can escape into positive action; to grow, learn and progress. It’s an hour of time set aside each day that is purely and selfishly for me. The endorphins are pumping and all the focus is on the task at hand, it's really challenging to think about work when you have some heavy metal suspended by your grip above your head. For me, it is a small sacrifice to make for the focus and stamina I get outside the gym.

If I don’t win at work, I win in the gym and vice versa. When I start to lack in focus I know I need to stop and find that escapism to get back on top. It’s a discipline. Cancel catch ups, reject phone calls, cut into family time, say no to brunch and forget about going out drinking. All the things I sacrifice so that the whirlwind of owning a business can stay on track.
I am in the business of health and well-being and need to lead by example. I get the chance to work with people who value their health and I see everyday what it looks like to burnout. I guess I am lucky to have the support of educated people around me, which has led me to finding my escape.

Jeremy Hassell is the co-founder of City Cave Wellness Centre in Brisbane. 
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