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5 ways to change up your workout routine
I've been training for around 10 years now. I love it. It really helps me to get through life’s ups and downs.

To me, there's more to training then mundane gym exercises. Variety is what keeps my love for training alive and helps me maintain a healthy and positive outlook on exercise. You need to constantly change up your workout routine to keep things interesting. Plus, it’s actually better for you overall, as you get to work out your whole body. So, here are a few tips to change up your routine: 


1. Get outside: I love working out outside. It’s time for me to really look around, become inspired and watch the world go around. I’m a massive people watcher, so walking down to the esplanade while the sun is shining with a podcast from a favourite business coach or heading to a SQD Fit Session for me is perfect. 

2. Try something you’ve never done before: Take a different running route, rather then just running straight on a treadmill.

3. Enlist a mate: Something I've found that helps when training, is enlisting a friend. If you don’t have any, I hear gumtree is a great advertising tool! A friend can add spice (or competition) to training that challenges you to try new workouts or push that little bit harder. Plus, it’s a great way to keep in touch with your friends when life gets busy. Remember, good things happen when people come together. 

4. Make a plan: l freaking hate plans (I'm a Sagittarius so we go with the flow most of the time), but I do always make sure to map out roughly how I want to train and where I want to do it. What comes next depends on how I feel at the time but having a little bit of structure definitely helps. 

5. Listen to your body: Ask your body what is actually going to serve you more? A sweaty AF hill session or a yoga class by the beach? Don’t always think you need to be 100% all the time, because if you do you'll fail every time. 


Finally, remember to have fun and don't take yourself seriously! If you're running, move to the side for the elderly and kids who are learning to ride their bike for the first time and smile more! That one smile back to somebody could change the way they feel about their whole day.

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