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Cameron Furse - Top 5 tips for runners
Are you preparing for a marathon? Running can be really tough on your body. Read up on some tips to make sure you keep yourself flexible and prepared between each training run.

1. Use a foam roller pre-run 

This will help improve your range of motion and is a fantastic way to wake up the muscles and increase blood flow before your workout, ensuring your muscles work efficiently. 


2. Do some dynamic stretches 

Get the body primed and ready for the run ahead by doing movements and holding for no longer than three seconds. This will ensure the muscles know what is in store without lengthening them too much. 

3. Run outdoors 

Running outdoors on uneven terrain will strengthen the muscles, ligaments and tendons that support the ankles and knees. Also run uphill and downhill to really get a burn and improve your fitness.

4. Stretch post running 

A regular stretching program will help you maintain or even increase your flexibility and range of motion, leading to longer strides, and more efficient running. It will also reduce risk of injury. 


Example stretches include: 

· Lying hamstring stretch with band 

· Standing quadriceps stretch 

· Groin stretch 

· Gastrocnemius (upper calf) stretch 

· Soleus (lower calf) 

· Hip flexor stretch 

5. Strengthen your legs 

Perform three sets of 12 reps for each the below exercises, three times a week: 

· Squats 

· Lunges 

· Step ups 

· Side lunges 

· Glute thrusts

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