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Top 5 exercises while travelling
Our lives are getting busier and while this blog relates to balance when travelling, I am sure there are parallels in the lives of everyone who find it tough creating priority in training and keeping fit.

My schedule at times can be exciting and at others is just crazy. To give you a bit of insight into my travel schedule in the past three months: 

- Three trips to New Zealand 

- Three Trips to China 

- Two Trips to the USA 

- A bit of domestic AUS travel to keep it interesting. 

Some people would call this type of travel schedule crazy not busy, but when you love what you do it’s just routine. Still, in addition to being a corporate traveller, I’m also a family man and endurance enthusiast, so maintaining balance is key. 

When it comes to training while travelling, here are my top three tips: 

1. Be prepared: Every city I travel to, I make a point to know before I land what facilities the hotel gym has, the nearest swimming pool and I’ll map out running circuits on Strava.

2. Prioritize training: This is a big one for me. It’s easy to choose the bar over the gym and get into a routine that does not have training as a priority. 

3. Be realistic: Maybe this one is just for me, but one of the challenges I have had to learn (the hard way I might add) is not to expect a new PB or Strava KOM’s when travelling. The body is tired and jet lag is taking its toll, so I focus on consistency not PBs.

And in terms of my go to exercises for travel? 

Get lost in a new place: My absolute favourite exercise whilst travelling is getting out into the new destination for a run. It’s not only a great way to get out and blast off the jet lag, but great to a get a sense of direction in a new destination. From Harbin China, Christchurch NZ, Hong Kong, or even Omaha Nebraska, getting lost in a new city is an amazing way to get some much needed KMs. 

Flushing the legs: “The way we start is the way we finish”. This set has become my ritual set upon arrival at a hotel. Whether it be a treadmill or elliptical trainer, 60 minutes of low intensity training just to flush out the legs and hope to get tired enough to get a good night’s sleep. 

Sweat Session: A great gym session has a weights circuit sandwiched between two short cardio bursts. For example: 

· 20 minutes elliptical - One minute, no load 180 + rpm, one minute full load. Repeat. 

Then into: 

· Weighted walking lunges (10 per side) into single leg squats 

· TRX chest press into push ups 

· Lat pull downs into bench swim 

· Leg press into Leg extension 

· Core to finish – planks, planks and more planks 

Then finish with a 5KM ladder run 1 / 12kmh 1 / 14kmh 1 / 17kmh 1 / 12kmh 1 / walking pace 

Maybe you don’t travel like this but remember, life is short, make the most of every day and prioritize your health and wellness. #itsallaboutbalance

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