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Dedicated to running for a cause
From spending 12 hours on a treadmill, to running for 40 hours around Brisbane, it seems there’s no challenge too big for our ambassador Kieron Douglas when it comes to supporting sick children in need.

The presenter for Juiced TV, a television program run by patients at Brisbane’s Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, will again be lacing up his runners for this year’s Channel Nine Telethon to raise money for the Children’s Hospital Foundation. Please head to the link to donate to this epic cause- Channel Nine Telethon.

His challenge? To run for forty hours straight around Brisbane. We chat to him about exactly how he plans to achieve this.  

When did you first start your work with Juiced TV?  

I came across Juiced TV towards the end of 2014 but I officially became an ambassador early 2015. I quickly became heavily invested in the program for obvious reasons - it was one of those things where I either had to give my full heart or none at all... although 'none at all' was never really an option haha. It was a life mission I signed up for to run.  

Why did you start to work with Juiced TV? What drew you to the cause?  

As humans, we have the ability to do some pretty remarkable things - not just for ourselves but for others also. I have always had a great passion and a 'want' to help a cause where it involves kids and at a time in my life where I felt a bit lost and unsure, I began searching for my purpose - because I knew I had one I just didn't know what it was.  

One night, I jumped on Facebook and up pops a post a friend had shared seeking funding for a program they were set to launch at the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital in Brisbane. I opened it up and started reading and within a few seconds it had my whole heart.  An in-house TV show that was not only made for the kids in hospital but was also hosted by the kids... I had no words.  

I am someone who generally wears his heart on his sleeve but I felt such an emotional connection to Juiced TV and I could clearly visualise the impact this program could have on the kids mentally, especially those who are going through some of the toughest challenges.  

My purpose didn't hit me until 1am the next morning. Running and running long. 

How many kilometres have you run now on behalf of the Children’s Hospital Foundation and Juiced TV?  

I'd have to say well over 500km and counting. 

What goes through your mind when you’re midway through one of your challenges. What keeps you going? 
My mind feels and thinks about everything. It's feeling the struggle, the pain, the tiredness, but at the same time I am constantly thinking about the kids, knowing that the money I am raising by running is going towards creating a safe zone, taking these kids away from the challenges they are dealing with and allowing them to just be kids, smiling and laughing... as all kids should be. 
Talk through your challenge for this year’s telethon – what will you be doing and how much money are you hoping to raise? 

This is my third year being a part of the Channel Nine Telethon and each year seems to be getting bigger and bigger. This year I will be running for 40 hours straight in hope of raising as much money as I can so that Juiced TV can continue their amazing work bettering the lives of sick children. There is no limit on what I would like to fundraise, however I would love to raise $15,000. 

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