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Archipelago - Ryukyu Island cycle trip
Camping on beaches (and by the road), Cycling and Surfing in the southern regions of Japan
Waking up to the sounds of a fresh swell hitting the beach, or perhaps (and more often) the sound of a small shore break breaking onto the shoreline from a virtually flat ocean, the view from a tent in the morning in the southern islands of Japan is pretty darn good. Steep cliffs rise from the sea, small protected coves and sandy beaches can be seen in the distance, fringing reefs quell the sea out the back, morning fishermen and perhaps the odd dog or two are there to greet oneself from the tent opening. There’s little else happening and it’s a long way to the cities on the mainland. The coffee machines have made it there though, serving up a sugary blend in coloured cans for about a dollar each. I got hooked. 
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