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Brisbane’s best running tracks.
Having run quite a lot of roads in Brisbane over the last few years I still find myself dabbling in certain trails come preparation time for an event and just to add in an extra challenge for myself. 
Although a Brissy boy, I do find myself travelling down to the coast to run through the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland just to mix things up. However, when I'm home... three of the best tracks and trails I love to run are right on our door step.

Scribbly Guy Conservation Area (Enter via Wellington St, Cleveland) 

Why is this one of the best? 
Having caught my curiosity one day running home from the gym, I entered the trails (Wellington St, Cleveland) not really knowing where I was going but every time I came to a new trail my curiosity went wild, which eventually led me to getting lost. However, after finding my way back I found this really fun and quick 6km loop that I absolutely love running due to its diversity of uphill and downhill. If anyone is happy to run it with me, feel free to contact SQD. 

When’s the best time to run it? 
The best thing about this trail is that it can be run anytime. For me personally I love to run it as the sun comes up or when it's setting. There is something about being in the bush at those times that give you an extra boost of energy. It must be the fresh air. 

How long does it take to run it? 
Depending how you like to run whether it be fast or slow... it can take you anywhere from 25min to 35min, or for those completely new to trails I suggest taking some water and expect a 40-45min shuffle/walk. 

How easy/difficult is it?
 With any trail there is caution with branches and rocks on the trail but I give it a  6/10 

What’s around the area to do after you’ve finished the run? 
You can't go past a good coffee and some breakfast. Bean & Leaf Cafe (115 Bloomfield St, Cleveland) or Love Juice Superfood Bar also in Bloomfield Street. 

3km Loop Discovery Circuit at the 'Stairs Of Hell' Springwood Conservation Area. 

Why is it one of the best?
 It may only be a 3km loop but when you throw the stairs from hell in, you are guaranteed to leave sore after a few loops. Great for training for those who have an event coming up or just want to lose a bit of weight. This run will definitely get you fit. And being that you are surrounded by bushland it is quite peaceful.  

When’s the best time to run it?
 Morning or through the day during the week. Weekends tend to bring out all the weekend warriors which can interrupt your run/training, however if you do venture out on a weekend I suggest early Saturday or Sunday morning. 

How long does it take to run it?
 1 x 3km loop can take you anywhere up to 10min depending how you attack the stairs. (Note - times will vary due to stairs becoming more difficult each loop). 
How easy/difficult is it?
 I usually run the loop 12x and by then I'm walking half-way up the stairs, so given my experience, I'm going to put a  9/10. (Difficulty is based upon my own experience choosing to run 12x loops consistently) 

What’s around the area to do after you’ve finished the run? 
After running the 'stairs of death', I'm pretty sure you will just want to go home haha. 

Southbank/ Kangaroo Point City Run 

Why is it one of the best?  Being a road runner there isn't exactly a selection of roads that are empty for me to run freely so if you are going to have people and cars around... you may as well do it in style running around Brisbane's Southbank, leading you around the Kangaroo Point Cliff/Step's and onto the Story Bridge.  

When’s the best time to run it?
 Sunrise or sunset. 

How long does it take to run it?
 There and back I'd give yourself an hour (hour and a half) to soak in what Brisbane has on offer. 


How easy/difficult is it?

What’s around the area to do after you’ve finished the run? 
You are spoilt for choice heading back to Southbank. If you have run hard and fast and you deserve a treat.. you can't go past San Churro haha. 

(If people are interested in running the Stairs of Hell or the Cleveland Trails, I would be more than happy to accompany them.) 

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