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SQD Product Review- Stadium Long Sleeve with Anthony Noud

SQD Product Review- Stadium Long Sleeve with Anthony Noud

So I’ve been running my new SQD Stadium Long Sleeve Tee for a few weeks now...
I work in the fitness industry running a nutrition and mindset coaching company. As a small business owner (also known as professional errand boy) my days can be very varied; up at 5am seeing clients, then consulting with people over Skype, throw in a few lunchtime meetings, before heading to the gym myself, only to be back for an evening presenting to groups or out for a chilled dinner. Because I’m out and about so much it’s not really practical for me to be changing clothes two to three times per day. Enter my new Stadium Long Sleeve Tee. 


In the gym:  

I train - predominantly weights - using a blend of powerlifting and bodybuilding movements. For me, it’s not just about having a strong physique, but also being strong. I also add in hiit cardio when I can and then typical active weekend style stuff.  

Never before have I EVER trained in a long sleeve shirt because a) they never fit quite right and normally pull or feel tight or uncomfortable and b)  They make me sweat profusely.  I can positively say that this is NOT the case with my SQD kit. I was literally astounded when I was doing sets of chins, rows, presses and arms. I didn’t even notice I was wearing it. After my first session I didn’t even bother with a singlet underneath as I knew it wouldn’t be coming off.  

On the street: 

In the past two weeks I have had at least half a dozen people comment and ask me about my shirt. Depending on your personality type this could be good or bad, but I’m yet to meet a guy that isn’t secretly stoked when two people in one day comment on how huge your arms look.  

Living in Brisbane, it suits the climate perfectly. It’s warm enough for my early starts and cool arvo's but doesn’t feel too hot for a lunch meeting in the sun. For a guy that values practicality this is a major win from SQD.   


I don’t really have anything bad to say about the shirt, but if I had to find a negative, it woud be that I’m beginning to feel like a bit of a grub as I no longer need to change my attire at all! But I’ll call that a win. 

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