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Repetition, the Mother of All Skill

Repetition, the Mother of All Skill

A quote that seems fitting when I talk about my pre-game food destination. ‘Aka Siro’, Simply meaning ‘red and white’ is a Japanese restaurant situated on an unassuming corner block tucked away from the hustle and bustle on Smith Street, Collingwood. It’s an authentic Japanese restaurant that pays tribute to its mother land.
I venture here the day before every game for one of the most traditional Japanese feeds in town. The low ceilings and classy music selection sets a welcoming mood, and mixes in nicely with the cooking skills on display in the exposed kitchen. 

In a refreshing change from the stereotypical Japanese food, Aka Siro bases its menu on a traditional arrangement of a Japanese meal, including a main dish, miso soup and a bowl of rice. It builds from there with daily specials that are written on a pot lid and seasonal produce used accordingly. It’s an intimate setting that makes you feel like you are in Kyoto. I never leave feeling heavy, which is crucial the day before an onslaught on the footy field. Those beers and burgers will come post game.
I love travelling to Japan, so my time in Aka Siro helps to fill the void until the next time I am slurping down some ramen in the back streets of Shibuya. Without doubt I always leave the friendly staff stuttering “gochisousama-deshita” Meaning “It was a real feast!!!”

For those that made it this far, the hidden secret at Aka Siro lies on the Second Sunday of every month = Tonkatsu day. I’m hanging for footy season to finish!
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