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SQD Christmas Cocktails- White Christmas Pina Colada
Life is all about balance. Especially at Christmas time. We will all be treating ourselves a bit more over the holidays so here some epic custom cocktails we have created with our mates at Corbett and Claude.
Here at SQDAthletica we are all about balance. But what does that really mean? To us, it means leading a healthy lifestyle and being comfortable with the choices you make. It's as much mental as it is physical. We believe you need to indulge a little sometimes. Nothing wrong with a cheeky beer or cocktail every now and then, it's not like you're doing it every day. So in between getting your physical fitness in each week over the Christmas break, we have put together some epic Christmas coctails for you to enjoy with family and freinds.
Teaming up with abassador, Tim Johnson, owner of Corbett and Claude here in beautiful Brisbane, we are excited to bring you some original and creative recipes. The first of which is our White Christmas Pavloval Pina Colada. Let Tim walk you through it step by step for an epic looking result. Also, for a nice style upgrade over the break go and check out our Amadeus Woven Shirt sported by Tim in this vid. Nothing says coctail time like a tidy white button up and a smile. This is the first installment of a two part series of coctails. Check in again in a couple of days for our new one....The Gingerbreak Espresso Martini. Merry Christmas!

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