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New Year, New Me.
But not really. All I’m aiming to do this year, without getting too deep, is really just increase the quality of good food in my life.
Far too long have I rested on the laurels of Ronald and his mates, and have - along with some injuries - put on a little too much weight. Which in turn has affected how quickly I can recover from injuries. Vicious little circle ain’t it… 

What you see here is a brilliant and delicious bowl of health - nuts, minimal grains, fruit, fresh yogurt - all the good jazz to kick start the day off well. Plus, up here on the Gold Coast you need a cold breakfast otherwise you break out a sweat and don’t stop until that night.. 

Fresh, chilled food for breakfast is key - for me… 

How does it taste? Marvellous. The only catch is trying to do this every day, or there abouts… I’m not the most motivated - or talented - cook in the kitchen. 

We’ve started though, and that’s what matters. Take that first step and get moving…
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