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How to craft beer

How to craft beer

The first thing you need to do is mash-in your barley with hot water, usually around 67°C. This process will extract the sugar from the grain, and leave you with a sweet liquid, as well as a mash-tun full of steamy spent grain to deal with.
Next you need to ferment the sugary liquid by adding yeast. It’s a bit of a dark art at this stage, but a number of variables will determine what percentage alcohol by volume (ABV) you end up with in your brew. Don’t go overboard. 
Finally - you add hops for flavour and give your beer a little time to mature. At this stage you have most certainly created beer, but the trick is to replicate the process with any sort of consistency. Or better still, make incremental improvements each time you brew. Welcome to craft brewing!
Ben Ott
Ben Ott
Ben, a half-Rhinelander, half-Scouse brewmaster must be one of the most relentlessly positive people in the British brewing industry.With an impressive Brewing CV, he never thought life would lead him to brewing beer out of shipping containers in the back streets of Dalston. But there you have it, once again, the mysteries and magical allure of the amber ale. He maintains that there have been no pitfalls in operating a brewery from shipping containers, but concedes that space limitations keep the young brewery on their toes, “it keeps us trying to optimise space as much as possible; kegs becoming chairs or tables”.
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