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The SQD Lunch Review
There was a time when it was almost impossible to find a good, homemade hamburger in Brisbane. However, the past 2 years have seen a real evolution in the fast food scene with burgers becoming somewhat of a “boutique” specialty. 
Ben’s Burgers in Winn Lane, Fortitude Valley has done this really well by situating the restaurant in a little sub culture hidden away from the chaos of the main strip. It creates a really good atmosphere for patrons to socialise and grab a drink and a bite to eat with their homies and at SQD Athletica we say the more, the merrier! 
Now, let’s talk about the burgers. The main menu is simple, three burgers- the Cheesy, the Classic and the Veg (we all have a vego mate). The classic is your stock standard, “go to” beef burger with cheese, pickles, tomato, onion, ketchup, mustard and mayo. We like the simplicity of using all the classic flavours together. It’s a burger you can depend on that just seems so familiar and comforting kind of like your best mate Barry who you’ve known since you were in year 2. 
The cheesy is a simpler burger but we decided to spice it up a little by adding some jalapenos to the mix. Mouth-watering flavours resulted in maximum froth levels with the crew leaving more satisfied than a chippie on labour day. We rated the cheesy with a spicy spin a solid 8.5 out of 10 and the vibe was an added bonus. We definitely recommend taking a trip down to Ben’s Burgers for a good old bro down.
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