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Digital Motivation

Five Instagram accounts that’ll get you moving.

Travel is amazing, you’ll hear me preach that more than once on here. For me it’s an education, an experience and a headful of memories and good times (even the bad times but more on that later). It’s always about encouraging others to travel too — the difference you see in people when they come back from their first big trip, or most recent weekend away to a new place is amazing. More travel = more smiles. Money comes and goes, memories are forever… 

So to help you up the psych to get out and explore more I’ve gone and pulled together my five’ish favourite photographers — or there abouts — on Instagram. These five aren’t entirely spot on titled ‘travel photographers’, but they’re are inspiring me to do more with the time I have and explore more of what’s out there. Ideally it’ll do the same for you, just don’t use the travel as an excuse to move cause you #gottacatchemall — damn Pikahchu everywhere these days…


Heywood isn’t your typical travel photographer. Hell, he ain’t a travel photographer at all really — he’s just a really amazing photographer, full stop. So why include the guy? His imagery, his locations, his ability to draw you into an image and make you feel part of the scene. A favourite of mine for a long time, Heywood has this innate ability to bring you into the image and imagine being a part of it, experiencing what he’s experiencing. 

Also helps that he’s lead photog for Quik/Roxy and ends up in some of the most beautiful/remote places on the earth. All in all, his account will get amped to jump the next tin can and go exploring — which at the end of the day, is what we should all be doing more of.


William is amazing to follow for a couple of reasons — the first, and most obvious, is his landscape photography. It’s brilliant and only getting better (dude has only been shooting for about 5 years after giving away the chippy belt). Secondly, follow him on Snapchat — hilarious, brown dogs, coffee, random spots/shots/locations — it's a good insight into William as a person and gives a touch of context to his imagery. Every shot is postcard, on your wall, etc etc worthy. 

If you’re a budding photog yourself, especially for the travel bug side of the lens then you get a third bite of the cherry with old mate Patino — he runs a workshop gram as well, which is a little bit more behind the scenes and also opens up when he’s having workshops you can attend.


I’ll keep this one short — but basically, if I need to give you an explanation on why to follow these guys you're probably better off sticking to celebrity accounts and trying to perfect your mirror selfie. The other thing about Nat Geo, is all their (mostly) photos lead you into the worlds of amazing photographers. It’s like a rabbit hole of amazing photographers — set aside a day to wander down that hole…


Raf runs Komono (watches/shades), is from Belgium and is an all round great photographer. I kinda like following photographers who aren’t photographers, if that makes sense. Raf runs Komono, which means he’s on the road almost 24/7 (Dre, Snoop & Devin ha) and gets to experience a lot of great places/locations/awesome stuff. Most of which is communicated via his photos. 

It’s like knowing that he’s out there doing this while working, gives you that extra incentive to pack up and make it happen yourself.

Most big cities have an account, no idea who starts them/maintains them, but they’re out there. My favourite is the Melbourne one as I used to live there and the city is epic — you should visit. The best things about city accounts (or even just location accounts) is that it lets you get psyched for a trip if you’re heading there, or lets you do research to find out where you wanna head and burn up at…

Try it for your next trip, do research — avoid Google and Tip.It and all that curated search shit - jump on the gram, find your city and scroll til ya thumbs bleed. You’ll find more secret spots, places to hit, bars to jump and things to do then most guides will have you doing.

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