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I’m Still Here
I’m actually penning (or I should say, typing) this in JFK airport. I’m about to embark on a 30hr trip home and was just made aware that I’ll have a relaxing three hour delay before we get moving. Might miss my connection, might end up in LA for the night. Worse things could happen…
I snapped this shot at MoMa the other day. Every time I'm in NYC I hit the MoMa. It's an amazing place to wander round - people watching and art appreciation. 

This girl waited for about five minutes to snag a shot at the Warhol Soup wall with no one around. I watched a wild amount of people aim for the same result. Yet in ten minutes of watching, this girl was the only one to get any Han Solo time with it. 

Makes for a nice shot. Would be interesting to see her photo next to my photo. Inception photography or some weird shit like that.  

If I had to choose between all the soups on offer here, think Id have to take the chicken noodle soup. Always a winner... 

NYC. Next stop, two weeks on a boat in the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia. 😍
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