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Is Ignorance Actually Bliss?
Yes indeed there comes a time almost everyday day in this modern world that we could use a little bit of ignorance. Yet it amazes me how much we over look the actual important stuff.
It goes without saying, ignorance can be bliss every once and awhile. Like that time you found yourself totally delusional as to why the hell people are running through parks looking at their phones. Oh yeah, you missed the whole Pok√©mon Go craze - that was so yesterday dude. Maybe if I watched the news or listened to the radio I would have known. Yeah nah – I’ll pass. I think I’m more of a Pog kinda guy anyways. 

If a tree falls on the beach and nobody takes notice, did it actually happen? Did nature just take its course or is there something hidden and deeper beneath the surface. It isn’t until we spend a length of time at a local beach, farm or neighbourhood that we start to see and feel out the small changes that are happening around you. These changes can come in so many forms yet they are all measured by how ignorant we are.  

For instance, this tree has been the local shade for many beach goers and surfers for decades.  It’s seen so many swells come and go but it only takes one swell, a rising sea, and a fallen icon, for me to reconsider my own views on where we are heading. Ignorance is bliss but it’s pretty fucked when we use it as an excuse to disregard whats happening in front of our eyes. Shit is getting real and yet here we are worried about how well our meme account is going or how we are going to catch them all.
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