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On the Tools
My life has been pretty busy for the last month or so. Only 4 months earlier I was nurturing a foot injury that left me bed ridden for close to 3 months – unless I felt like taking the wheelchair for a spin...
...Which is a story for another time. But man, life can throw you some curveballs. 

All was pretty chilled while my foot was healing. I had time to rethink, recharge the batteries and, in particular, re-examine my lifestyle and how I wanted it to be. Sometimes bad things happen, you just have to deal with it and find the up side. Not like getting a front row disabled carpark at The Pass carpark in Byron Bay on a Sunday morning kinda deal, but the positives of reflecting on what actually matters most in your life and work.
I figured out that half of my work was just consulting the client and providing creative input into their projects. At times I would have to be hands on the tools for a week or two. But when I became incapable I would pass the work onto someone else and it would work out the same with little exhaustion from myself. 
Funnily enough, my life was most balanced during the time of my injury because I was being extra careful with my choices.
Just as I was getting back on my feet, my partner and I decided to sign a new shop lease. Boom! Welcome chaos once again. But this time it was different. The reason we moved was more about us and our aspirations, not just for business sake. So here I am back in the chaos, nearly finished the fit out. But I feel comfortable. Maybe it's because we are running our own project or maybe I'm employing what I have learnt while I had that downtime with my injury. But this feels good - balanced - calm and chaotic all at once. After all, isn't there an order within chaos? 
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