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Uncle Rocco Big in Japan

Japan is an amazing place, nothing makes sense but at the same time it all makes sense. 

Japan is an amazing place, nothing makes sense but at the same time it all makes sense. Take these rockabilly dancers at Yoyogi park. Rain, Hail or Shine these guys will be there EVERY Sunday dancing. Whatever they do in Japan they seem to do it with pride and passion.

Over the years we have carefully been developing our own Uncle Roccos hair products. Japan was the first stop of a promotional tour. They are masters of their craft in every way and the nicest, most respectful people I have met. This is why we want Japan to be the first country outside of Australia to have our products. We have heard so much about Japan and wanted to see it first hand, here are a few highlights from the trip.


This is Takeshi Sahara owner of Wolfman Barber Shop in Japan. The attention to detail Takeshi showed for every one of his clients was unbelievable. He is so passionate about his craft, not to mention a great barber too. I was so inspired I couldn’t help but think of ways that I could better not only myself but my staff around me as well.

These guys are Mr Brothers Cut Club. A traditionally set up modern barber shop in Harajuku, run by some really cool guys. It was one of the only shops in Tokyo that focuses on traditional hair cuts. Side parts, pompadours and executive contours. A lot of the barber shops around Tokyo are still influenced by salons and modernised hair cuts, although talking to a few barbers around Japan, men are slowly turning to traditional barber shops. OLD IS COOL!


Pork noodle soup in a light broth, this was from a local noodle restaurant in Sano (about 1.5 hours out side of Tokyo). Our friend Takeshi Sahara owner of Wolfman Barber shop took us around his home town, he showed us this amazing place. 

Look at all these people lining up outside Kagari in Ginza. Probably the best soba noodle ramen I have ever eaten (as you can tell by the line!). When you step inside you find an 8 seat ramen bar, 2 chefs, one person in charge of front of house. Serious Noodles.


Kobayashi is the owner of JBS bar in Shibuya Tokyo. I had to include this photo because it was one of the best bars I have ever been to in my life. Kobayashi has collected over 10,000 records in his lifetime and they line the walls of his small bar. He pulls them out one by one to play them to us, and like a scientist working in a lab he has them all arranged in alphabetical order knowing exactly where each one is (we even tested him!). It’s a one man show, he works the bar, washes the glasses and cleans up by himself. It truly felt like Kobayashi had invited us into his house.

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