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Valentine's fails with the SQD Crew
We asked a few of the SQD crew about their worst Valetine's Day fails. Check out what they had to say.
Ben Treffers:
I have been lucky enough to be with my girlfriend for 10 years, and thankfully the few times we have celebrated Valentines Day everything has gone according to plan.  But when I was in Year 10 at school I had my strangest and most awkward Valentine’s Day.  I was in class in the morning and a package was brought to me, and it was the biggest Valentine’s gift I could imagine, with balloons, chocolates, a teddy bear, and a note saying, “From your secret admirer”. Not only did a have to carry this ridiculous package around an all boys school all day, I never found at who sent it. I got hassled all day, and while it was great to feel loved, the mystery remained, as did the heckling.
Scott Prince
Many moons ago, when spelling was not a priority, I took my lovely date, girlfriend at the time, now wifey, out for dinner. After our Jaime Oliver inspired three course meal, cooked to perfection, I surprised her with a sincere card and gift, only to be asked by Kristy who Kirsty was?! Moral of the story, proof read your Valentine’s Card! #nohappyending
Kieron Douglas
When I was in Year 7, I gave my girlfriend at the time a couple of roses and a big box of chocolates and in return I received a Silverchair 'Freak' CD single and card saying she was breaking up with me. An hour later she was dating one of my good mates ha! To which lasted three days. Ahh young love. 
Sam Wallace
I wish I had one, but sadly I've never committed to keeping one. Good news... I do have a girlfriend now and l am absolutely not running away from the 14th of Feb for the first time ever!! On the topic of awkward dating experiences though, Amy and l were reminiscing just the other day about our second date that we shared at a cafe in Tugan. As we drove past she did the whole ‘remember when we went there?’ And I was like ‘yeah, yeah babe l remember’, and I went on to tell her what I ordered and the friend we ran into. As I was explaining it, she debated we didn't see a friend and I didn't order that meal. As she was explaining we didn't go there, l felt a blank cold rush, quickly turn hot blush flood my face. I was explaining a date l went on with my ex-girlfriend. So, long story short, Amy and I went to the cafe two doors down .... well done Sam! Lucky for me she's so amazing and quickly laughed with me. #wishmeluck  
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