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Daydreams back to Colombia
While waiting in line at the Gero post office.
It’s busy at the Geraldton post office. Like no other post office for 500km’s around, the main Geraldton post office see’s a lot of traffic for a regional town at the lunch hour rush. They also help oldies fill out paperwork and backpackers with some other paperwork that I’m not so sure about. So when it’s 10 people deep I’m standing there looking at the massive stationary sale wondering just how long its gonna take this person in front of me to get their passport photos. But its at this moment of ‘busyness’, which really isn’t that busy at all, that I get transported back to an even less busy place in my mind- rural Colombia.

My first introduction to Colombian life was in Nepal. A friendship grew with some Colombians I met hiking and then that led to introductions with some of the Colombian crew living in Sydney at the time. They were always very welcoming, and kicking back in the inner west suburb of Rozelle with a couple of beers thinking back on our longwinded trips in Nepal and other places is an equally good memory. Sometime after I took up the offer of a trip to Colombia. None of my Colombian friends surfed, plus they all had jobs in Bogota, so after a short while I took off alone to the coast.
The Colombian coast is quiet. So quiet and off the grid that is has a bit of a long history of being a pretty dangerous place. There’s a whole story to that but there’s plenty to find and read online. Mainly to do with internal conflict and drug trafficking. But behind these popular narratives there’s also really great communities. The sort that just take you in, keep you well fed even after much protesting, look after you like the family and so on. The same sort of humble hospitality that seems to be all over south american rural townships. The waves were blissfully average. That is to say, the surf was pretty terrible most of the time but a lot of fun. Good social times sitting on plastic chairs on the streets having conversations with local crew over cheap coffee or beer. Sort of just like Rozelle.
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