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People Power.
Every year my friends and I have a tradition, we gather together and ring in the New Year in style. Every year the location changes, usually somewhere spectacular close to a a body of water and far, far away from anybody else. 
This year was the pilgrimage, the return the the initial stomping ground where this annual event was spawned. As the years have gone by, this gathering has spiralled, in numbers and temporary facilities built for the week. What started with a communal tarp and 50 people playing capture the flag in the sand, was this year with; organised 4x4 ’train trips,’ a communal kitchen and chill out stretch tarp, hammocks, a fully functioning stage, a steam tent, waterslide (not used due to serious safety issues), a kaleidoscope, an organised ice delivery every other day from a local legend (fresh cooked crab included on the new years day edition), and the grand finale - a fully functioning pool table. 
Our ethos is engrained - never leave a trace. Each year as everything escalates, this remains strictly the same. The community however enlarging is like minded, more people to clean up after, also means more hands on deck. In the early years this wasn’t as wide spread and one of our brave mates went around with a twig and a shovel picking up every loose bit of toilet paper dumped around the national park and burying every loose turd. A true soldier.

No matter the events of the year, theres some comfort that every December 31st we’ll get together to move our feet.

Photo credit : Kristian Laemmle-Ruff
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