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3 reasons to workout with your partner
Although I mostly workout by myself, I do enjoy leaving a couple of sessions free per week so that my partner El and I can also train together.

There are several benefits I find in doing this which are: 

1. Adds competition: 

El and I come from two different yet very competitive backgrounds (the cricket and army) and training together see us compete at a level which pushes us into the red zone (extreme exertion). We compete in a fun way though, in which it gives bragging rights to the winner and a task for the loser (cook dinner, choosing date night etc). This brings us together even more. With that being said, in some instances when someone gets on a winning streak the loser tends to mope around a bit! 

2. Keeps you accountable: 

There’s an old saying that it’s easier to let yourself down and not turn up to a session, than it is to let down a training partner, and when your training partner is your actual partner, there are no excuses because they know exactly where you are and what you are up to!

3. Two’s company: 

With our busy schedules, El and I are constantly looking at ways in which we can integrate our days and working out is a perfect way in which we can spend time together. It helps us reconnect, have fun, get outdoors and helps push each other to a higher level of fitness. There are no other distractions (kids, work, mobile phones) apart from maybe having a little perve on each other! 

El normally chooses our workout sessions for no other reason than I love getting told what to do in a workout and also, she has a huge back catalogue of army sessions that we can tap into. El isn’t a huge fan of the gym so nearly all of our sessions are outside, and we also throw some epics treks in on weekends so that we can spend some time with nature and also get to chat as most other workouts we are too tired or out of breath to talk. 

At the end of the day though, it doesn’t matter what kind of workout you’re doing, as long as you’re doing it together! 


About Lee Carseldine 

From professional cricketer, to Survivor AU runner up, to entrepreneur, Lee Carseldine is a man of many talents. Starting out his career as a pro cricketer for the Queensland Bulls, Lee used his athletic prowess to get through to the final two in Survivor AU in 2016. Now, he runs his own drone company, DroneIT, in addition to presenting on Channel 7’s Queensland Weekender, and participating in a number of philanthropic initiatives. A father of two young boys, staying active and healthy is key to Lee’s success, making him the perfect member of our SQD Crew.

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