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Good Times Ahead

Good Times Ahead

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Now that you’ve got the lowdown we have some breaking news! It’s been quite the lead up and a lot of work has gone in behind the scenes but we are happy to announce that on Monday, October 17th 2016, SQD Athletica finally comes to life. 
We will be launching our online store at and our very first physical store at Pacific Fair Shopping Centre on the Gold Coast located at Hooker Boulevard, Broadbeach QLD 4218. The SQD crew have assembled to work their magic and we have put together a tasty little behind the scenes sample of what is coming on the big day. Resident bloggers Lincoln Eather (surfer and blogger) and James Polkinghorne (Brisbane Lions and Essendon AFL player) travelled in from their respective homestays to lend a hand and some heartfelt comments. We are pumped to share a whole lot more with you in the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled and ears to the ground. As always we have some people come late to the party. So, for those of you who don’t know about SQD Athletica, get the scoop below.

SQD Athletica- what is it? On face value I guess you could call us a men’s active wear brand? but you would be missing the point man! We are much, much more than that. At our core, SQD Athletica is all for men achieving better life balance and will do this by sharing real world stories, creating considered apparel, contemporary retail experiences and curating complimentary products that will go some of the way to inspiring and achieving healthier and happier Aussie men. We are about getting the simple things right; it’s not rocket science but getting some balance in life can be an art sometimes. With this in mind we have decided to focus on the key things a man needs in his life- style, active, eat and community.
Style- It’s about discovering a true fit and getting the balance right. Clothing, skincare, accessories. It’s ok to make an effort. 

Active- Wouldn’t kill you to balance the drive with a run now and then (brisk walk to the pub?) We’re for participation not podiums. 

Eat- Yes, beer is a liquid lunch. But let’s at least all aim for a healthy balance at breakfast and dinner.
Community- What ya doin? Where ya going? Balance work/life and you’ll have more time and opportunity to be more in-tune than yesterday. We are all about hanging with your mates. Whether it’s having a cold one or shooting some hoops with the crew.
Most importantly, remember SQD is short for SQUAD not SQUID. Join the SQD and get involved #goodtimesahead
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