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A Bad Start to the EPL
My team, Arsenal, has one loss and a goalless draw. One point from a possible Six. Almost as bad a start as you can have!
We have underperformed in the transfer market yet again, failing to sign much needed reinforcements to our side that is already plagued by injuries. Our coach is arguably negative, the fans are pissed off to say the least, the majority shareholder has come out and said he didn’t buy the club to win trophies! To some, it would seem a dire situation and a futile pursuit. But I love it! I’m sooooo into it! The Gunners, my team, my passion. I’ll stick by them! It could be worse, I could be a Liverpool fan.
Sorry Liverpool supporters. I had to throw that one in there because you beat us 4-3 in a classic season opener. Kickoff was 1am Eastern Standard Time in Australia. It was a moderately cold night, the last lick of winter in Byron Bay. I was a bit rusty with the late start so I had a block of organic chocolate to give me some sugar charged courage.
Arsenal dominated the first half but went to the sheds at halftime 1-1 after an unstoppable free kick from Brazilian star Phillipe Coutinho. Liverpool must have had some good oranges at half time because they came out and scored 3 more fantastic goals to quickly make it 4-1. Things were looking awful!
Very fortunately, Arsenal closed the deficit to 4-3 which made the score look respectable but there are early signs for Gunners supporters that it’s going to be another long, painful season. I walked out of my soccer buddy Xavier’s house in the pitch black, having just lost the first game of the season to our bitter rivals. What am I doing?
Round 2 saw us travel to last seasons surprise champions, Leicester City Foxes. This fixture was even more hyped than usual because Arsenal tried to buy two of Leicester’s best players in the offseason, only to have both of them snub us. More tears. This game was at 2:30am AEST, pretty much the worst time you can get to view a game. It’s Saturday night in England, the televised game. As usual, I was totally overconfident so the time slot didn’t deter me in the slightest. I was getting up for a huge win. My team needed me!
The alarm went off at 2:20am, ooooo, still a bit cold. I threw on my tracksuit, made the 5 minute drive over to Xavi’s and sat on his porch, having a pregame chat. All of a sudden, I heard what almost sounded like a small motorbike being revved up in the tree next to the house. Brrrrrrrrrrr brrrrrr. I turned to Xav’ with a confused expression. A wry smile came across his face. “Never heard that before?” (Chuckles) “That’s a male Koala looking for a mate!” I couldn’t believe it, it was so loud. Brrrrrr Bbrrrrrrrrr. Then in the distance I heard a shrieking sound, the male Koala’s lover-to-be.
The football already had me psyched up and then the Koala courting! I was ready to go. So what type of result would you expect to go with all this furvour, and at 2:30 in the morning? 0-0, nil all. Hah! To an outsider that’s the most boring and pointless score you can get. 90 minutes of end to end nothing. That’s kind of close to the truth. Hey, at least we didn’t lose!
I was still happy to be back in the swing of the EPL and by full time, the Koala’s had gone silent, so at least someone might have had some success on the evening. I drove home and tried to get a bit more sleep before the sun came up.
So this week we have Watford away. Game starts at midnight on Saturday night! If anyone is around Byron Bay and looking to watch the Arsenal game with two tragic supporters, we’ll be awake! Just listen out for the whinging fans and big koalas.
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