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Are you good at photography? Obviously I’m not, but I’m always trying to get better by drawing inspiration from other photographers and their techniques.
Imagery, visuals, moments, time in history - it’s all that for me. To capture a moment in history is the reason I’ve really tried to improve my photography skills of late. I’m fortunate enough to travel quite a lot for work, and after a few trips worth of missed moments, I learnt my lesson. I’m now committed to trying harder and getting better. 
It’s easy to take photos, it just ain’t easy to take good photos. This is a bad one I took of the Amtrak building in Philadelphia - I love the reflective nature of the building, you tend to see it alot in America. 
Generally I shoot with either ::
*Fuji X20 (although I need to clean the sensor)
*Canon S95 (brilliant little pocket piece)
*iPhone 6S (hard to beat to be quite honest, especially once you get the hang of the options)
There is a good chance I’ll post more shots like this as we go, they too will be representative of recent travels. Next one will probably be from the boat I’ll be on while you’re reading this :) 
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