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A Well-balanced Man
Joey's ability to find balance and appreciate a life away from the constant pressure and scrutiny is also helping him jump to new heights. We chatted recently about how he makes this happen. 
James: So Joey, where do you find your moustache inspiration? 

Joey: The pathetic growth on my upper lip started after my older brother Ned assured me I could not grow a moustache. Ned has a glorious beard and often teased me about my inability to grow something similar, so I decided to grow the best moustache I could and keep it regardless of how bad it looked and for some odd reason I’ve still stuck with it.

James: The pressures, the scrutiny, the meetings, the physical training- What do you do to unwind/switch off?

Joey: Food. My way to freshen up for my day to day life is to simply eat great food. Sitting in a café eating great food and a nice coffee or trying a new restaurant a friend recommended is something I get great pleasure out of (and sharing these times with other people makes it a whole lot better).

James: What is your go-to coffee? How many a day to get you firing on all cylinders?

Joey: A quick stop for a flat white at Wide-Open Road café in Brunswick on my way to training is my way of getting the day started. I have recently capped my limit at three coffees a day, and more than that and I become more annoying than usual.

James: Favorite restaurant in Melb? 

Joey: Kaprica, Carlton.

James: Favorite Bar?

Joey: Joe’s Shoe Store, Northcote.

James: Favourite type of Music? 

Joey: Mood dependent.

James: Favourite type of music before a game? 

Joey: Paul Kelly, 95% of the time.

James: Favourite travel destination? 

Joey: Copenhagen.

James: Where’s the furthest you’ve been from home?

Joey: Stockholm.

James: Style - What are your fav brands/products?
Joey: Anything simple. APC jacket, Nudie Jeans and Vanishing Elephant shoes is my safe option.

James: Down to your last $20 what would you spend it on?
Joey:  Five coffees.

James: Only a Melb local would know......
Joey:  The inflation on my flat white is crazy. 

James: Advice for finding Balance? 
Joey: Advice for finding balance in life... I find that surrounding myself with as many different friends with diverse personalities, beliefs, cultures, careers and lifestyles helps me improve the balance in my life.
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