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A Trim and Tranquillity
The crew at Uncle Rocco’s know how to keep you looking good and feeling even better. Check out their five easy tips here.

1. Visit your barber regularly!

Life can be pretty stressful and chaotic at times. Pay a visit to your barber, enjoy a beer and forget about the outside world for 30 minutes. This is our good client Al. Hair is styled with Uncle Rocco’s “Rocco” hair product.

2. Shaving

Let’s be honest. It’s basically a facial for men, trust your barber he knows how to do it right. Standing in front of the mirror with a mac 3 just doesn’t cut it anymore (pun intended). Here we have some man things, shaving brush, comb, carpenters pencil and our Continental Bay Rum aftershave.

3. Growth

For those who don’t like to shave, keeping your beard in shape goes a long way! Wash and comb regularly and beard oils will also help with the itchiness by softening the follicles. Chris came in for a haircut and a bit of beard maintenance. Beard styled and treated with our Uncle Rocco’s "Barba" beard oil.

4. Smell nice

Smell, one of our amazing senses. It triggers memories, keeps you feeling fresh even after a long day of work. You may even get a couple of comments from your co-workers! 

5. Get out more! 

Try and do at least 20 minutes of exercise a day, let it be a brisk walk to clear the mind or a fast jog to push yourself. A few of the boys play some basketball after work. I have even started riding to work. Nothing helps the mind more than exercise! Look good, feel good!
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