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 Inside the Comfort Zone is Where the Magic Happens

Inside the Comfort Zone is Where the Magic Happens

Dejour Jeans offers an on the spot tailoring service that works off a simple formula; highest quality – lowest price.
At $55 a pop, a quality jean tailored perfectly to your liking seems too good to be true, but true it is!  Nam Huynh, the owner of Dejour Jeans, has been mastering his craft for over 20 years. From humble beginnings in 1989, Dejour has rapidly become an institution in Brunswick that heaves with loyal customers that keep coming back for more. Nam provides a unique experience where you roll up, pick any jean you wish, try them on, and have the girls chalk you up. Most staff are generally learning their trade in fashion or textiles, so they know what's up.
After you've been measured, head off for a meander down Sydney Road for an hour or so and voilà – a new, crisp pair of perfectly fitted denim threads that will hold you in good stead for many years to come. 

Nam’s guarantee to his customers is quality and satisfaction. Dejour also offers follow up alterations- free of charge, even a few years down the track. A very fair insurance policy!!

Churning out around 500 pairs of jeans a week, Nam’s juggernaut shop gives hope to the traditional tailoring industry. Word of mouth recommendations live up to their hype, from the in-store experience to walking out a very happy and satisfied customer.
James Polkinghorne
James Polkinghorne
After 8 successful years at the Brisbane Lions, James made a ‘grassroots’ move home to Melbourne looking forward to taking it back a notch with Essendon in the VFL. Cracking into an MBA and gaining experience in various business environments has provided a pathway into life after footy, however in a rare twist of fate, Essendon AFL had a few team issues (to say the least) so James has had to pull on the Jumper for one more year. Knowing exactly what it takes to perform at an elite level, but still get a ‘life’ James is super skilled and experienced at sharing, communicating and mentoring ‘Balance’.
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