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Gym Bag Essentials for the Well-Balanced Man

While you may think you've got your gym-day planning in the bag, there might be a few extra items you wish you had when the going gets tougher than expected.

1. The Gym Bag

First up, you need the right bag to stash your gear in. The Ascent Duffle Bag has everything that a decent gym bag should have: 600D waterproof fabric base and external walls for durability, nylon webbing carry straps and neoprene grips for comfort, a dedicated neoprene shoe compartment, and versatile sports mesh webbing throughout. To be honest, this is probably the most “essential” of the gym bag essentials list.

Ascent Duffle Bag Black

2. The Pre-Workout Gear (no, we don’t mean Jack3d…)

Maybe you won't use it every time you hit the gym, but a USB charger goes a long way in ensuring your phone doesn’t run out of juice on the way to your workout. There’s nothing worse than cueing up your favourite track only to hear 3.71 seconds of it before it dies.

If being outdoors is more your scene, then remembering to slip, slop, and slap (but most importantly slop) is the key to keeping your skin intact. Drift Essentials SPF50+ Sun Cream is 4-hours water and sweat resistant to keep you covered even when you're sweating like a German trying to tell a joke.

3. The During-Workout Gear (or, more simply,the Workout Gear)

Whether you're sitting on an incline bench, swimming some laps at the local pool, or coming home from a 5km run, a decent gym towel is a must. Don’t be the guy who leaves his sweat on the pec deck. Gross.


If you normally pack your gym bag and head out to do some exercise on your lunchbreak, after work, or after sleeping over at your better half’s place, then you’ll know the sheer feeling of despair, hatred, and futility that’s experienced when you forget your gym socks. Keep a few fresh pairs in your bag just in case.

A vacuum-sealed metal water bottle will keep your water colder for longer during a beach workout in summer, while a spill-proof plastic one is ideal for long runs where excess weight is an issue (or, as a wise Mexican girl once said, por que no los dos?)


4. The Post-Workout Stuff

You’ve made it. You’ve put in the hard yards and earnt those beers. However, there are generally a few steps between stepping off the treadmill a sweaty mess and meeting up for a date.

Get your hair sorted with a durable metal comb that won’t fall apart as it gets knocked around your gym bag, and clean up any stubble with pre and post-shave creams that your face will thank you for (look after it – you need it). Finish things off with a moisturiser that’s good enough to eat (don’t though), and you'll be looking (and smelling) your very best.


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