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SQDAthletica x William Patino- The Lowdown with Creative Director, Colin Wyatt
When I sat down and started planning out the new collection for SQD, one my first points of call were to find another local Aussie photographer to partner with. 
Our collaboration with local Brisbane photographer Sam Thies on our first collection gave us some of our most popular lines –Hells Gate, and Beerwah Cycling, and helped us carve out a unique identity for SQD right from the word go.
After, showcasing our home state in the first collection (the prints for Hells Gate and Beerwah came from two photos Sam took up on the Sunshine Coast), I wanted to look across the border this time down into New South Wales. While we started in Queensland, we’ve grown into a national brand, and I wanted to reflect that in the new collection.
As soon as I saw Will Patino’s shots, I knew he was our guy. His way of capturing landscapes was just incredible. Pretty hard to believe that only a few short years ago, he was working as an air conditioning technician that’s for sure!
Plus, his story of how photography and getting outside and back to nature helped him escape a particularly dark period in his life, really resonated. At SQD, we’re all about helping guys find balance, by making sure they’re not losing out on the things they love, whether that’s keeping fit, catching up with mates, or like in Will’s case, exploring a passion. 
The particular shot we’ve chosen, which is of the ocean at Wollongong, to me just reminds me visually of one of my core design principles when designing SQD products – flow and movement. It’s why I’ve called it Kinesis.
Will’s objective with the photo was to focus on the finer textures and details that are found on the surface of the sea when swell builds up on an offshore wind. I think the photo exceeds that brief. It’s dynamic and vibrant, and on clothing, it really creates a statement, which was our purpose.  
On a broader level, I think it also inspires people to move and get outside. It inspires them to get away from the usual status quo and find a bit of balance, which again is what we’re all about at SQD! 


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