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Top 5 features to look for in your winter workout gear
Winter’s here, which means harsh winds and dark, cold mornings that make it hard to get out of bed at all, let alone for a training session.

Your workout gear can make all the difference to how you perform in the cooler months by keeping you protected from the tough conditions as you train. Here are our top five features to look for in your winter workout gear: 



This is really the most important feature in winter. You want your gear to keep you warm – cold limbs stiffen up and stop you from performing at your best. Look for fleece fabrics or clothes with fleece lining that will help guard you against cold winds and temps.  

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One of the big challenges with winter workout gear is that once you warm up, they can become hot and stuffy. This is when you need to look for clothes with ventilation holes or panels that will keep you cool, or that are built from fabric that is specially woven to allow for maximum breathability.  

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The best workout tops and pants feel like you’re not wearing anything at all. In the colder months, a good lightweight, slim-fitting long-sleeve tee is your best friend. We recommend going for a slightly tighter fit than you’re used to as it will mould to your body, providing you with better insulation than a looser fit that can let too much air in. Still look for breathable fabrics though to avoid overheating during your workout.  

Try our Stadium Tee 



When most of us think of a fleece, we think of a thick fabric that’s stiff and heavy, but this isn’t always the case. Tops and jackets containing fleece panelling or lining can be super light-weight and flexible depending on how they’re woven. Again, look for more of a slim fit design with a decent amount of stretch to ensure your performance remains high during intense workouts.   

Try our Stanton ¼ Zip Tech Fleece 


Chafing is a year-round problem so, like you would in the warmer months, look for clothes with a seamless design, welded seams, or flatlock stitching that prevent your gear rubbing against you while you train. Also look for soft and lightweight fabrics that will move with you, rather than against you.  

Try our Union Jogger Pant 


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