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The Acme Jacket- Hells Gates
It was Monday morning, a morning I should have been working and trying to contribute to society - or so ‘they’ tell me. 
Instead, I woke up and decided against sitting at my computer, answering emails, and setting the week up. Rather, I decided to head up to Springbrook Falls and go hiking, or what I can best claim to be hiking.. 

I’d never been up there before, so didn’t really know what to expect - I was meeting a mate up there and was taking his advice. So I packed, nothing, I was going hiking 30mins from my house lets not over sell the dream here right? Ha. I did throw on some sneakers, shorts, and the Acme Hells Gates Jacket. I name the jacket cause I’ve been pretty amped to give this thing a run since I got shown it a while back… 

Just quickly, the Acme Hells Gates Jacket - it's warm without letting you boil over (it was at least 10degrees cooler up there), it’s got colour without hurting my eyes and better still it’s got a lot of tech business happening without having to shout about it. You wouldn’t know how amazing it is unless someone told you, and what do you know, here I am to tell you about it… 
But we’ll get to the product later, right now I want to let you know how thoroughly excited I am with hiking! YOU GUYS, HIKING IS AWESOME!!! I’m a little late to this whole get outside and hit the trails vibe, not something I’m proud of but better late than never right? I saw waterfalls, I even went behind one, thru one and around one! We slipped down some trails, I fell into the water (there’s streams and little ponds along the way) and walked across a super mossy - and slippery - log. 

It was a great day full of great scenery and a great feeling when I got back to the whip. Who knew such an amazing experience was so close to home?! This one day at Springbrook has left me pretty hooked to get out and explore more hikes/trails. Generally I’m no more then 10km from the beach at any one time (outside of work travel), so it feels like I have new part of life to explore right now… 

Back to the Hells Gates jacket though, you know why it’s named Hells Gates? A quick little edu-ma-cation lesson… Hells Gates is a hiking trail up on the Sunshine Coast and is in the Noosa National Park - there’s a joke here about walks in the park being a walk in the park, but I’ll leave that for now. 

Part of what you’re seeing on the jacket is a photo by Sam Thies from an earlier SQD hike and has now been transferred to the jacket - which means it’s name is quite fitting, no? Go and check it out at
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